AC Duct Cleaning Hernando Beach How to Clean AC ducts yourself

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There are many reasons to clean the air ducts in your home. When ducts are clean, the heating system lasts longer because there is less dirt wearing out its components. Also, when dust has been cleaned out of AC ducts,  the air you breathe at home is cleaner. For those of us with allergies, this should be a welcome improvement. When performing AC duct cleaning, Hernando Beach residents will not be able to reach every inch of their ducts, but they can make an effort to remove up to eighty five percent of the dust in their system without spending too much money on a service.

Step By Step instructions for AC Duct Cleaning

Begin your cleaning project by covering up the supply air registers in the rooms around your home. This blocks dislodged dusty from drifting around your home while you clean. Next, turn on your fan! You want the fan to carry the dislodged dust because you do not have a vacuum hose long enough to run through the whole duct system. With self AC Duct Cleaning, Hernando Beach residents have to go around and suck the excess dust from out of the closes supply registers. There is still going to be dirt and dust in the main duct, but there is a way to get into it without calling an AC technician.

Cleaning Out Air Conditioning Main Ducts

If you have rectangular ductwork, you can remove the end caps to access the inside of the ducts. You can slide the drives down off the duct and pull the cap out of the slips. So long as the duct is not butting up against the wall, you should be able to reach your vacuum hose in through the space uncovered by removing the cap, and sweep out any dust you find. You could even use a flashlight to look inside the duct for dirty areas. Often ductwork will include registers installed throughout the system to distribute air to the basement. If you remove these registers, you’ll gain even further access to the main trunk line. When performing self AC duct cleaning, Hernando Beach residents  can significantly lower the dirt and dust in the air circulating through your house.

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