AC Not Cooling Hernando Beach What Parts Cause an AC Unit Not to Blow Cold Air?

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There are many different reasons why an air conditioner is not producing cool air. The most common cause of an air conditioners not blowing cold air is a lack of adequate air flow. In a properly maintained AC Unit, a fan will draw air over the evaporator coils, where it is cooled, and then be re-circulated back into your home. If the air filter is dirty or clogged, there may be little or no airflow over the evaporator coils, which may cause them to become too cold and frost or ice can form on them, restricting the airflow even more. If  someone is searching for “AC not cooling,” Hernando Beach residents should start by looking at their air filter.

If it is Not The Air Filter, Try the Fan and Its Motor

Another common item that causes an AC unit to produce warm air is the fan or fan motor. In a working system, the fan will draw air over the cold evaporator coils and then re-circulate the air back into the room. If the circulating fan is not running or running too slow, little or no airflow over the evaporator coils will allow them to become too cold and frost or ice can form, restricting the airflow. If your search for “AC not cooling,” Hernando Residents might be told to make sure their motor is not seized and that the fan blades are not damaged to get the best airflow possible to produce cold air.

If You Can Not See a Problem With Physical Parts, Check the Thermostat!

If your AC unit is not producing cold air and you have inspected the air filter and fan motor and found them to be okay, then you may have a problem with the temperature control or thermostat. Normally, a sensing bulb is attached to the control that will extend to the front of the evaporator coil, and a set of electrical contacts in the body of the control that supply power to the compressor circuit. The bulb monitors the room air temperature and will tell the thermostat control to turn the compressor on when the set temperature is lower than the room temperature. When someone searches for “AC not Cooling,” Hernando Beach residents might find that it could be a defective thermostat not sending power to the compressor.

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