AC Not Cooling Weeki Wachee Why might my AC Unit not be cooling properly?

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A common problem in the state of Florida is to have your air conditioner break down due to being over worked in the summer heat. But your AC system does not have to break to make you want to get it fixed.

A pretty common problem with AC units is that they will be working, but the air that is coming out is not cold enough. There are a few reasons that your AC unit might not be performing right.

If you search for  “AC not cooling,” Weeki wachee residents will be shown results for AC unit repairmen and HVAC management companies. But it might be fruitful for a weeki wachee resident to know that there are some step you can take to try to improve your air temperature without calling a technician.

First, It is pertinent that a homeowner checks both the cooling coils on the inside and outside of their HVAC system. When these coils get covered with dirt, it makes heat transfer much more difficult and less precise causing the change in air temperature without a change in the performance of your AC unit.

Another problem that could be causing your AC not cooling, Weeki wachee homeowners should be aware that it could be a refrigerant leak.  Refrigerant is a lot like freon for the air conditioner of your car. Refrigerant is responsible from moving the warm air on the inside of your house to the outside condenser unit. If a leak make refrigerant levels low, this could be a cause of stagnant, warm air.

Apart from those potential problems, it is also possible that your HVAC unit may be cooling because of:

-Blocked condenser unit

-A Dirty air filter

-Compressor problems

Last, before you search for “AC not cooling,” Weeki wachee residents should make sure that they do not have improper thermostat settings. If it is just set to “on,” your HVAC unit will blow air even if it is not in a cooling cycle, causing the air in your home to feel warmer.

It is just possible that your system is old. If you have tried some of these fixes and nothing as worked, it may be time to find an HVAC technician to service your home.

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