Ac Not Working Weeki Wachee Why is my Ac Not Working?

Posted by Ac Repair - November 30, 2017 - AC Not Working, Weeki Wachee - No Comments

Air Conditioners seem as though they have a mind of their own sometimes as all of the sudden, your system stops working unexpectedly. With your Ac not working, Weeki Wachee residents might be under the impression that something mechanical is at fault, leading them to have to pay for costly repair. While many of the problems with an air conditioner can be costly, sometimes it is not as bad as you initially imagine. It can be something as simple as a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker that could be fixed relatively easily and inexpensively. Here are some of the common reasons why your AC might not be working and their fixes.

Your Air Conditioner Will Not Turn on

One of the obvious signs that your HVAC system is not working is that fact that it will not turn on. First, check outside on your condenser unit to determine if it is running. If it does turn out like any other day, then the problem probably lies with the thermostat. Consequently, if the condenser is not working and the Ac is not working, Weeki Wachee residents might want to go ahead and call a HVAC technician because there is probably something technical malfunction. Before you do call and set up an appointment, make sure to check your circuit breaker and fuses to make sure it is not an electrical problem.

Your Ac Unit is on, but it is Not Circulating Cool Air

Sometimes your air conditioner will be running as it should, it is just not producing cool air to circulate throughout your home. Before you call an HVAC technician and tell them that you are having problems with your ac not working, Weeki Wachee residents should once again look to their condenser unit. Debris can clog the unit restricting the airflow to the evaporating coil possibly causing it to freeze and create more problems. Another thing that can be checked before giving a call to an HVAC Company is the air vents and air filters in your home. Dirt, dust, and pet dander can clog the ducts in your home, making it harder for cool air to be circulated throughout your home.

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