Air Conditioner Brooksville Tips for Saving Money on Commercial Air Conditioners

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Ventilation and air conditioning systems are among the most energy intensive mechanism of any business. Space cooling alone accounts for about fifteen percent of the electricity used in commercial buildings. According to the Department of Energy (DOE), a lot of the energy and costs that go into powering Hvac units is lost. They estimate that up to thirty percent of air is lost in the average commercial building. All of this wasted air is costing you more money to run your commercial air conditioner. Brooksville business owners can learn how to make their place of operation more energy efficient in order to save you money on your electric bill.

Regularly change your Air Filters to Save Money!

A business owner can save a bit of cash on their energy by simply swapping out their air filters. You can save five to ten percent and reduce wasted energy just by removing dirty filters regularly. Dirty filters overwork HVAC systems by restricting air flow, cost far more to use, lead to poor indoor air quality and result in far more commercial HVAC maintenance issues and costs. With a commercial air conditioner, Brooksville business owners should change their filters about every month. At the latest, dirty Hvac filters should be switched out every three months. This is just of the ways businesses can save money without doing too much work.

Do Not Neglect Your Heating and Cooling Ducts

Another easy task that business owners can save on their commercial Hvac system is by making sure your air conditioner’s ducts are sealed properly. It is not uncommon to have business owners save as much as twenty percent on their energy bill by having a properly sealed duct system for their air conditioner. Brooksville residents can seal up ducts with mastic and foil tape or even by a product specifically designed for duct sealing. Focus first on areas of the building that are unprotected – underneath the building or in unheated/cooled storage spaces.

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