Air Conditioning Service Weeki Wachee How to Get Your AC Unit Running in Prime Condition For Summer

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Before the summer season begins to come into fruition Is the perfect time to do some routine maintenance to make sure your HVAC unit is performing properly. There is a lot of maintenance that a resident could do themselves without the help of an air conditioning service. Weeki Wachee residents do not need any formal education or fancy tools; However, If a problem is found during a routine maintenance, it is best to call an HVAC specialist.

Habitually cleaning your HVAC unit can save a homeowner not only on their electric bill, but also increase the longevity of their AC unit. Yet before you start cleaning, the first step to any AC job is to turn off the power! You do not need to hurt yourself trying to clean an air conditioner. One the power is off, remove the fan cage on the top of the unit and start removing all the debris from the interior.

Once the unit is clean, clear away all debris from the outside of the machine as well. Debris on the outside can block airflow and ruin efficiency of the unit just like it can on the inside.

Once the HVAC unit is clean like that of an air conditioning service, Weeki Wachee specialists recommend that you straighten any fins that might be bent or crooked. This not only helps the AC unit receive better airflow, but it also help debris not get caught and clog up your machine.

Now that the machine itself is cleaned, it is time to start maintaining some individual parts on the inside.

Evaporator coils need to be cleaned by hand as well as with a commercial cleaner. This might get a little messy because evaporator coils can get really dirty! Cleaning the drain pan is a must but also it is important to clean out the evaporator drain when performing your air conditioning service. Weeki Wachee residents Can finish servicing their HVAC unit by changing out the blower filter.

All of these tasks are relatively easy for someone who knows nothing about HVAC systems. These simple maintenance projects will help a homeowner save money, as well as increasing the longevity of their AC unit.

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