Home Ac Repair Brooksville Fixing Old Window Ac Units

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Down in Florida, window Ac units are not very popular anymore because they have been slowly replaced by central air conditioners. Older houses might still have them or even new ones because window ac units are a great way to improve the airflow of one room. With some basic window A/C troubleshooting, you may be able to fix common problems on your own, or at least be able to narrow down the list of potential problems and make an informed decision about whether to replacement it or to call home Ac repair. Brooksville residents can end up potentially saving a lot of money in repair costs.

If the Air from the Ac Unit is Not Cold Enough

If the air is coming out cold but not cold enough, use a thermometer to determine if there is a temperature difference of 15 degrees or more between air going into the unit and air coming out. If there is, you may be asking the unit to do more than it is capable of. If the difference is less than 15 degrees, try checking the air damper. If it’s open, it will bring in outside air, which is bad for efficiency. Also check the back cover, which many people forget to remove after the winter season. Finally, check the condensing coils, which are located on the warm end of the air conditioner. Remove the air conditioner’s cover to access the coils, and clean them with a soft brush. This can save you money rather then having to pay for home Ac repair. Brooksville residents would actually be doing a lot of the steps that a creditable Hvac technician would perform.

If your Air Conditioner Will Not Turn on

If your window Ac unit is not turning on, it could either be broken or just simply not receiving power. First, start by unplugging the unit and plug it back into another outlet. If the unit still will not turn on do not be so quick to calling Home Ac Repair. Brooksville residents should check on their circuit breakers. Consequently if it is not a power issue, the problem could be related to a number of components with the unit such as wiring, compressor selector switch, or control board. If this is the case for your unit, the best course of action would be to have it repaired by a creditable Hvac technician.

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