Hvac Companies Brooksville Common HVAC Scams

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Car mechanics get a bad rap for having a profession that is highly associated with swindling and scamming their customers, but there are a lot of HVAC companies out there that are looking to make a quick buck. Creditable companies are just as sick of the deceit as you are, and they want you to be knowledgeable of the tricks of shady Hvac Companies. Brooksville air conditioning services think that it is a good idea to keep up on the most common tactics people are using and how to sport them before you realize that it is too late.

Scam One: Selling an Oversized Air Conditioner

In a lot of instances, bigger is always better but air conditioning units are not one of them. There are some contractors who will push the biggest units they can on you with no regards to the size of your building. Not only does a bigger unit cost more to purchase and install with Hvac Companies, Brooksville residents will also end up costing your system to be more expensive the more it runs overtime. The problem with big units in small spaces is that they are so powerful that they are constantly shutting on and off. Great air conditioning units should cycle on and off as little as possible.

Scam Two: Replacing Broken Parts With Used Parts

If you call to have a technician come out and inspect your system and find out you have a broken or bad part, they may offer to find you a replacement on the spot. This should send off a red flag because no honest company will ever install a used part in your system. With Hvac companies, Brooksville technicians know that this is a bad practice because it is guaranteed not to last. It can cause strain on other parts, while also reducing efficiency by more often than not, this fix will only last you usually no more than a couple of weeks. If it is not a new part being installed into your system, consider finding another company to fix your AC unit.

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